• Jun21



    Hey Faye Thompsonistas,

    What is it about megachurch drama that has us mesmerized? Perhaps it’s the whirlwind of larger than life personalities against a back drop of ego, pride, anger, lust envy, and greed that provides the perfect storm for the church’s shot callers. Or maybe it’s the flawed flock’s quest for salvation that mirrors our own and pulls us in. Executive producer Oprah Winfrey joins Lynn Whitfield, David Keith, and Merle Dandridge in “Greenleaf.”Check your local listings and tune into the 2-Night Series Premier tonight and tomorrow on OWN.

    Can’t wait till then? Curl up with my latest drama-drenched gem. Slippin’ Sippin’ Saints is available now. When you’re sleeping with the pastor of the biggest megachurch in town, every inch of you is a sin…

    Happy Summer!

  • Jun9



    Hey Faye Thompsonistas,

    Oftentimes I wear a necklace that most view as the key to my heart. In fact, they often smile knowingly and comment on it. Lucky man. They grin. For me that necklace is so much more. It reminds me that LOVE IS THE KEY. What good is giving away the key to your heart to someone who doesn’t appreciate its value? As we understand our value we attract those whom, in turn, do too. Thus, we make better choices. Some things, some people are worth the wait. Students of life learn from their past and move forward. It’s not about him. It’s about HIM. Pick up your copy of The Wait by Devon Franklin & Meagan Good today. I just did.

  • May25

    Hey Faye Thompsonistas,

    There’s something exciting about authors and books. Their energy and passion are contagious as they discuss the inspiration and motivation behind their labor of love. On Saturday afternoon, Senator Leroy Comrie honored women authors in celebration of Mother’s Day. The second annual event took place at Thomasina’s Catering Hall in St. Albans, New York. Ms. Marcia Moxam-Comrie served as mistress of ceremonies as authors from diverse backgrounds, occupations, and ages converged under one roof to spotlight their work and share their stories. I encourage you to support authors everywhere, and I invite you to attend this fun-filled networking event next year.