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Paperback: 298
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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
ISBN-10: 1466441275
ISBN-13: 978-1466441279

Red-Hot Pepper

Sequel to Faye Thompson’s “In Her Mother’s Shadow”


Three-Way Love… Just when Bronze thinks she and Brandon stand another chance at happiness, news of his and Capricia’s baby shatters her world.

Determined to reclaim his family, Adam wants nothing more than to reconcile with Stephanie and Bronze, if only a lifetime obsession didn’t keep him up nights.

Pepper Day, a red-hot spicy young golddigger sees Congressman Robert Carson as her ticket to a better zip-code, but will a taste of her honey make him leave his wife?

Days before the primaries, Stephanie’s past, Bronze’s present, Adam’s future, and a last minute ultimatum ignite a twist of fate so devastating it reminds them all that behind every successful man there is a woman, and behind every unsuccessful man there are two.

What the readers are saying

Nice reading
By Inez Scott on December 20, 2014

“Red-Hot Pepper” by Faye Thompson is a sizzling hot read that won’t disappoint. “Red-Hot Pepper is a sequel to “In Her Mother’s Shadow”. You will not be lost if you did not read the first book. Faye Thompson does a great job in bringing you into the lives of Stephanie, Adam, Bronze, and Brandon. After a secret came out and changed each of their lives you are left wondering if and how they can ever recover. Faye Thompson has done a wonderful job in weaving a tale of deception. I truly enjoyed reading how it all comes undone.

By Amazon Customeron January 24, 2013

Author Faye Thompson does it again, with a well told story about love, family, betrayal and a whole lot of mess. As with her other books, In Her Mother’s Shadow and Teardrops and Cheesecake, Ms. Thompson understands the human heart and how to tell a terrific story. You want it to continue and go on and on because you’ve invested in these characters. Well done as always. Can’t wait to read more from her, because I know she has more to say. Enjoy the read.

By Amazon Customeron December 2, 2012

Ths was the best book to date. I read it in two days. Didn’t want to put it down. At the end of the book, I can tell what the sequel will be to start and can’t wait.

By Maspeth78on March 14, 2012

Ms Faye! WOW what a great read! Just finished reading RED-HOT PEPPER and found myself not wanting to put it down as I kept turning the pages. You truly have a talent for pulling readers in, girl! I truly enjoyed getting to know all the characters. (Pepper was a real trip)! When is #4 coming out? If it’s going to be as engaging as the last three, then by all means start writing it NOW!

By Nannerson January 28, 2012

Well Ms Faye, you’ve done it again. This book touches on life’s experiences of knowledge, disappointments, dark secrets, and skeltons in the closet, that if you live long enough you will surely experience. Then there is that one thing we all crave, unconditional love. Ms Thompson has brought it again. Can’t wait for her next book. A fast read that totally flows. I highly recommend it. Enjoy the read!!!

By Raineeon January 19, 2012