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Pub. Date: June 2006
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 255 pages
ISBN-13: 9781893196537
ISBN: 1893196534

In Her Mother’s Shadow


Nurtured by an overly protective mother all of her life, the beautiful and naïve Bronze Sutton lands in the arms of Julian Mitchell, a fine, honey-colored charmer she develops a sweet tooth for, not knowing that he has a pinch of sugar in his tank. Bronze’s best friend, Angela Sommers, introduces her to the very eligible Brandon Wilde, unaware of his connection to Julian Mitchell. Bronze and Brandon become quite a twosome, and Bronze is confident that she has found Mr. Right. Convinced that no man can resist her, Capricia Moore, Brandon’s ex-girlfriend, waltzes into town to win back her man. When news of Bronze and Brandon’s engagement reaches her, a scorned Capricia, the niece of an Atlanta Congressman, vows to breakup the cozy couple once and for all.

Set in the fictitious town of Middle Heights, Ohio, In Her Mother’s Shadow unravels a web of political deceit that threatens to tear Bronze and her mother, Stephanie Sutton apart. Ultimately, it’s the story of devotion and deception and a mother and daughter who share far more than either could ever imagine.

What the readers are saying

“Enjoyable Read. This is book is about relationships and secrets. I usually enjoy books about families and hidden lives and Ms. Thompson’s book In Her Mother’s Shadow lived up to it. The book starts slow, but be patient, it gains momentum. The book was a quick enjoyable read and would recommend it for people who like similar urban dramas.” – Review Source: Barnes & Customer’s Review. Written by: JillyB.

“Thompson’s first novel is a winner. She understands relationships between girlfriends, moms and definitely romance. Her characters come to life. Thompson definitely understands men, their good and bad sides. The main character is a tad too immature but shows signs of growth. Overall, the book keeps you interested and the ending makes me want to know what happens next. A really good read! I’ll buy the sequel.” – Review Source: Customer’s Review. Written by: Elaine Mitchell

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