Faye Thompson - Don't Sit On Your Fabulous

Hey Faye Thompsonistas,

What do you think of my Tshirt? As an author I am often asked what inspires me to write. Believe it or not, this little Tee inspired some poetry, allowing me to turn five simple words into plenty.

Don’t sit on your fabulous
Your time is much too fine.
Just because you’re not polished
Doesn’t mean you can’t shine.

Don’t chase my gift.
It’ll never fit.
Find and follow your bliss.

Rock what you got.
Whether DNA-ed or not.
Spray tan when you can.
The pout and curves of a Nubian queen
Or the hair of Europeans in your genes.
Long and lean cocoa wannabes
We’re all God’s precious seed.

Bouncing and behaving till on the brakes he slams.
Can’t cross those streets, you caused them to jam.
Another day, another gray.
Not a spring chicken?
Still, you’re a tickin’.

Behind every successful woman is God and then herself.
It’s not just your coins that represent wealth.
Outer beauty gets you in the door
But inner beauty leaves them craving more.
Don’t sit on your fabulous.

Back in the day I sat on my Jordache
And Oprah on her Calvin Kleins,
But don’t sit on your fabulous
Your time is much too fine.

Step into your blessings,

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