Faye Thompson and Daymond John

Hey Faye Thompsonistas,

Years ago while working on my second novel, Cheesecake and Teardrops, I hit a roadblock. I could go no further. My mother’s advice was simple. When I get hungry enough to see the book in print, I would complete it. She was right. Desire and drive fuel passion.

In The Power of Broke, Shark Tank’s Daymond John discusses how determination, hustle, and grind are keys to success. As FUBU founder and President Barack Obama’s Presidential Ambassasor for Global Entrepreneurship, he reminds us that it doesn’t take a gazillion dollars or tons of connections to implement a dream. What a mentor he would be!

One morning a few weeks ago I learned that Mr. John would be signing books that afternoon in Manhattan. If only I had known the day before, I decided, I would have gone. Then I asked myself what was stopping me? With my next breath I discovered the answer. Absolutely nothing.

I got up and got ready. Opportunities like these don’t come often. With just moments to spare, I headed for the railroad. The train was now in sight. Out of breath, I ran even faster. And would you believe I…missed the train? Devastated, I watched it go by. If only…

I walked home embarrassed but not defeated. It had just begun to rain. An hour later, I grabbed a cap (not a FUBU) and headed for the city. Again.

Meeting Daymond John was well worth missing a train and getting caught in the rain! With a solid foundation built on his mother’s wisdom and guidance, he is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere and a product of the American dream.

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