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  • October14

    Hey Faye Thompsonistas, What do you think of my Tshirt? As an author I am often asked what inspires me to write. Believe it or not, this little Tee inspired some poetry, allowing me to turn five simple words into plenty.

  • June30

      Hey Faye Thompsonistas, It may sound corny, but I love this country—imperfections and all. As a world traveler, I realize that no nation is perfect. Yet, there is no other place on earth I’d rather live. It’s a privilege to breathe American air and walk on this soil. It’s a privilege to have voted […]

  • June21

      Hey Faye Thompsonistas, What is it about megachurch drama that has us mesmerized? Perhaps it’s the whirlwind of larger than life personalities against a back drop of ego, pride, anger, lust envy, and greed that provides the perfect storm for the church’s shot callers. Or maybe it’s the flawed flock’s quest for salvation that […]